Die Nekropole des 6.-1. Jhs. v.Chr. von Istria Bent bei Histria
Language: de
Pages: 200
Authors: Emilian Teleaga, Vlad Zirra
Categories: Constanța (Romania : Județ)
Type: BOOK - Published: 2003 - Publisher: Verlag Marie Leidorf
This volume reports on the excavation of a necropolis in Romania on the Black Sea and includes an illustrated catalogue of finds, graves and skeletons, most of which were oriented to the east. Two phases of burial were identified, with the first ending in the early to mid 3rd century BC and used by a Greek population. Finds included Greek and Attic pottery, pottery from the Mediterranean and Black Sea, coins, jewellery, arrow heads and knives. German text, Romanian and English summaries.