Carry On

Carry On
Author: Julius Mwangi
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450032249
Size: 54.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Reason To Carry On

Carry On by Julius Mwangi, A Reason To Carry On Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download A Reason To Carry On books, How is it possible to carry on with life when the world you live in is falling apart? How is it possible that the very thing you prayed for, for so long is suddenly taken away from you and you are left empty? How is it possible that the people you run to for friendship and help now turn away from you leaving you sad and lonely? What does one do when there is nothing to hold on to; when friends and family turn away and there is nowhere to turn to? Where do you turn to when the world gets too cloudy and unreceptive; when the sounds of laughter mimic clanging cymbals and relationships become rocky and disintegrate? How is it possible to hold on when the future is so gloomy? God has made a way for you. He does not delight in your misery. There’s a way he has made for you through the darkest wilderness, where there has never been a way. Don’t give up yet, it’s going to be okay. Keep your hope alive; weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. There is a morning that is coming for you. Your world will not fall apart; something will work out, beyond your expectation and wildest imagination. New friends will come your way to replace those who left. Your family will come through whatever challenges they have been facing and God will bring a spirit of understanding and forgiveness. You were designed with an endurance capability, and whatever you go through, he tested you for it in advance and you passed. There is nothing that will hold you back unless you give it permission to. Whatever you set your mind to do you will achieve because that is where your heart will be. He knows the potency he put in you, He knows the acumen he put in you, and He knows you will not break under any weight or pressure. God knew you would be tried and tested, like Jesus was, but nothing will break you. God put in you a resilience power, when you are down you will easily rise up and carry on. He put in you a wake up power that puts you back in motion even in your weakest moment. He put in your heart a new song, a song of victory because when he formed you he knew you will be an over comer. That is why you never give up, that is why something inside you tells you to move on, carry on, don’t stop here. That is what this book is about; to provide you with a map quest that will guide you from the undesirable location you are at and provide you with ideas of how you can move on with your life. Regardless of how far you have gone into the rugged interior, you can begin again. You creator designed you with the ability to recharge yourself in times of turmoil, so that in place of giving up you can restart your life and carry on. I pray that this book will lead you to that point where you can ultimately recharge yourself, put your life together and carry on.

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How is it possible to carry on with life when the world you live in is falling apart? How is it possible that the very thing you prayed for, for so long is suddenly taken away from you and you are left empty? How is it possible that the people
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