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Essential Demographic Methods

Essential Demographic Methods
Author: Kenneth W. Wachter
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674045572
Size: 24.61 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Classroom-tested over many years and filled with fresh examples, Essential Demographic Methods is tailored to beginners, advanced students, and researchers. Award-winning teacher and eminent demographer Kenneth Wachter draws on themes from the individual lifecourse, history, and global change to bring out the wider appeal of demography.
Essential Demographic Methods
Language: en
Pages: 288
Authors: Kenneth W. Wachter
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-06-23 - Publisher: Harvard University Press
Classroom-tested over many years and filled with fresh examples, Essential Demographic Methods is tailored to beginners, advanced students, and researchers. Award-winning teacher and eminent demographer Kenneth Wachter draws on themes from the individual lifecourse, history, and global change to bring out the wider appeal of demography.
Demography for Planning and Policy: Australian Case Studies
Language: en
Pages: 214
Authors: Tom Wilson, Elin Charles-Edwards, Martin Bell
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-11-25 - Publisher: Springer
​This edited collection shows how demographic analysis plays a pivotal role in planning, policy and funding decisions in Australia. Drawing on the latest demographic data and methods, these case studies in applied demography demonstrate that population dynamics underpin the full spectrum of contemporary social, economic and political issues. The contributors harness a range of demographic statistics and develop innovative techniques demonstrating how population dynamics influence issues such as electoral representation, the distribution of government funding, metropolitan and local planning, the provision of aged housing, rural depopulation, coastal growth, ethnic diversity and the well-being of Australia's Indigenous community. Moving beyond simple statistics, the case studies show that demographic methods and models offer crucial insights into contemporary problems and provide essential perspectives to aid efficiency, equity in public policy and private sector planning. Together the volume represents essential reading for students across the social sciences as for policy makers in government and private industry.
Essentials of Demographic Analysis for Africa
Language: en
Pages: 210
Authors: G. M. K. Kpedekpo
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 1982 - Publisher: London ; Exeter, N.H. : Heinemann
Books about Essentials of Demographic Analysis for Africa
Language: en
Pages: 480
Authors: James R. Carey, Deborah A. Roach
Categories: Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-01-07 - Publisher: Princeton University Press
An authoritative overview of the concepts and applications of biological demography This book provides a comprehensive introduction to biodemography, an exciting interdisciplinary field that unites the natural science of biology with the social science of human demography. Biodemography is an essential resource for demographers, epidemiologists, gerontologists, and health professionals as well as ecologists, population biologists, entomologists, and conservation biologists. This accessible and innovative book is also ideal for the classroom. James Carey and Deborah Roach cover everything from baseline demographic concepts to biodemographic applications, and present models and equations in discrete rather than continuous form to enhance mathematical accessibility. They use a wealth of real-world examples that draw from data sets on both human and nonhuman species and offer an interdisciplinary approach to demography like no other, with topics ranging from kinship theory and family demography to reliability engineering, tort law, and demographic disasters such as the Titanic and the destruction of Napoleon's Grande Armée. Provides the first synthesis of demography and biology Covers baseline demographic models and concepts such as Lexis diagrams, mortality, fecundity, and population theory Features in-depth discussions of biodemographic applications like harvesting theory and mark-recapture Draws from data sets on species ranging from fruit flies and
The Methods and Materials of Demography
Language: en
Pages: 908
Authors: Henry S. Shryock, Jacob S. Siegel, Elizabeth A. Larmon, United States. Bureau of the Census
Categories: Demography
Type: BOOK - Published: 1973 - Publisher:
Books about The Methods and Materials of Demography
Demographic Methods and Concepts
Language: en
Pages: 560
Authors: Donald T. Rowland
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2003-04-17 - Publisher: OUP Oxford
Demographic Methods and Concepts makes accessible the most commonly needed techniques for working with population statistics, irrespective of the reader's mathematical background. For the first time in such a text, concepts and practical strategies needed in the interpretation of demographic indices and data are included. Spreadsheet training exercises enable students to acquire the computer skills needed for demographic work. The accompanying free CD-ROM contains innovative, fully integrated learning modules as well as applications facilitating demographic studies.
Model-Based Demography
Language: en
Pages: 200
Authors: Thomas K. Burch
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-10-14 - Publisher: Springer
Late in a career of more than sixty years, Thomas Burch, an internationally known social demographer, undertook a wide-ranging methodological critique of demography. This open access volume contains a selection of resulting papers, some previously unpublished, some published but not readily accessible [from past meetings of The International Union for the Scientific Study of Population and its research committees, or from other small conferences and seminars]. Rejecting the idea that demography is simply a branch of applied statistics, his work views it as an autonomous and complete scientific discipline. When viewed from the perspective of modern philosophy of science, specifically the semantic or model-based school, demography is a balanced discipline, with a rich body of techniques and data, but also with more and better theories than generally recognized. As demonstrated in this book, some demographic techniques can also be seen as theoretical models, and some substantive/behavioral models, commonly rejected as theory because of inconsistent observations, are now seen as valuable theoretical models, for example demographic transition theory. This book shows how demography can build a strong theoretical edifice on its broad and deep empirical foundation by adoption of the model-based approach to science. But the full-fruits of this approach will
Language: en
Pages: 144
Authors: Sarah Harper
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-05-22 - Publisher: Oxford University Press
The generation into which each person is born, the demographic composition of that cohort, and its relation to those born at the same time in other places influences not only a person's life chances, but also the economic and political structures within which that life is lived; the person's access to social and natural resources (food, water, education, jobs, sexual partners); and even the length of that person's life. Demography, literally the study of people, addresses the size, distribution, composition, and density of populations, and considers the impact the drivers which mediate these will have on both individual lives and the changing structure of human populations. This Very Short Introduction considers the way in which the global population has evolved over time and space. Sarah Harper discusses the theorists, theories, and methods involved in studying population trends and movements. She then looks at the emergence of new demographic sub-disciplines and addresses some of the future population challenges of the 21st century. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors
Bayesian Demographic Estimation and Forecasting
Language: en
Pages: 280
Authors: John Bryant, Junni L. Zhang
Categories: Mathematics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-06-27 - Publisher: CRC Press
Bayesian Demographic Estimation and Forecasting presents three statistical frameworks for modern demographic estimation and forecasting. The frameworks draw on recent advances in statistical methodology to provide new tools for tackling challenges such as disaggregation, measurement error, missing data, and combining multiple data sources. The methods apply to single demographic series, or to entire demographic systems. The methods unify estimation and forecasting, and yield detailed measures of uncertainty. The book assumes minimal knowledge of statistics, and no previous knowledge of demography. The authors have developed a set of R packages implementing the methods. Data and code for all applications in the book are available on "This book will be welcome for the scientific community of it presents a new approach which has already given important results and which, in my opinion, will increase its importance in the future." ~Daniel Courgeau, Institut national d'études démographiques
Methods of Estimating Basic Demographic Measures from Incomplete Data
Language: en
Pages: 126
Authors: United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Categories: Demography
Type: BOOK - Published: 1969 - Publisher:
Books about Methods of Estimating Basic Demographic Measures from Incomplete Data