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Memory War And Dictatorship In Recent Spanish Fiction By Women

Memory War And Dictatorship In Recent Spanish Fiction By Women
Author: Sarah Leggott
Publisher: Bucknell University Press
ISBN: 161148667X
Size: 72.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book discusses a number of recent novels by Spanish women writers that present women’s experiences in Spain during the years of the Spanish Civil War and Franco dictatorship. It considers these works in the context of the “memory boom” in contemporary Spain and draws on work from the fields of memory and trauma studies.
Memory, War, and Dictatorship in Recent Spanish Fiction by Women
Language: en
Pages: 186
Authors: Sarah Leggott
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-06-10 - Publisher: Bucknell University Press
This book discusses a number of recent novels by Spanish women writers that present women’s experiences in Spain during the years of the Spanish Civil War and Franco dictatorship. It considers these works in the context of the “memory boom” in contemporary Spain and draws on work from the fields of memory and trauma studies.
Spanish Women Writers and Spain's Civil War
Language: en
Pages: 250
Authors: Maryellen Bieder, Roberta Johnson
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-12-01 - Publisher: Routledge
The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) pitted conservative forces including the army, the Church, the Falange (fascist party), landowners, and industrial capitalists against the Republic, installed in 1931 and supported by intellectuals, the petite bourgeoisie, many campesinos (farm laborers), and the urban proletariat. Provoking heated passions on both sides, the Civil War soon became an international phenomenon that inspired a number of literary works reflecting the impact of the war on foreign and national writers. While the literature of the period has been the subject of scholarship, women's literary production has not been studied as a body of work in the same way that literature by men has been, and its unique features have not been examined. Addressing this lacuna in literary studies, this volume provides fresh perspectives on well-known women writers, as well as less studied ones, whose works take the Spanish Civil War as a theme. The authors represented in this collection reflect a wide range of political positions. Writers such as Maria Zambrano, Mercè Rodoreda, and Josefina Aldecoa were clearly aligned with the Republic, whereas others, including Mercedes Salisachs and Liberata Masoliver, sympathized with the Nationalists. Most, however, are situated in a more ambiguous political space, although the
Gender and Memory in the Postmillennial Novels of Almudena Grandes
Language: en
Pages: 224
Authors: Lorraine Ryan
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-04-22 - Publisher: Routledge
Almudena Grandes is one of Spain ́s foremost women ́s writers, having sold over 1.1 million copies of her episodios de una guerra interminable, her six-volume series that ranges from the Spanish Civil War to the democratic period; the myriad prizes awarded to her, 18 in total, confirm her pre-eminence. This book situates Grandes ́s novels within gendered, philosophical, and mnemonic theoretical concepts that illuminate hidden dimensions of her much-studied work. Lorraine Ryan considers and expands on existing critical work on Grandes ́s oeuvre, proposing new avenues of interpretation and understanding. She seeks to debunk the arguments of those who portray Grandes as the proponent of a sectarian, eminently biased Republican memory by analysing the wide variety of gender and perpetrator memories that proliferate in her work. The intersection of perpetrator memory with masculinity, ecocriticism, medical ethics and the child’s perspectives confirms Grandes’ nuanced engagement with Spanish memory culture. Departing from a philosophical basis, Ryan reconfigures the Republican victim in the novels as a vulnerable subject who attempts to flourish, thus refuting the current critical opinion of the victim as overly-empowered. The new perspectives produced in this monograph do not aim to suggest that Grandes is an advocate of perpetrator
New Approaches to Translation, Conflict and Memory
Language: en
Pages: 234
Authors: Lucía Pintado Gutiérrez, Alicia Castillo Villanueva
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-10-10 - Publisher: Springer
This interdisciplinary edited collection establishes a new dialogue between translation, conflict and memory studies focusing on fictional texts, reports from war zones and audiovisual representations of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco Dictatorship. It explores the significant role of translation in transmitting a recent past that continues to resonate within current debates on how to memorialize this inconclusive historical episode. The volume combines a detailed analysis of well-known authors such as Langston Hughes and John Dos Passos, with an investigation into the challenges found in translating novels such as The Group by Mary McCarthy (considered a threat to the policies established by the dictatorial regime), and includes more recent works such as El tiempo entre costuras by María Dueñas. Further, it examines the reception of the translations and whether the narratives cross over effectively in various contexts. In doing so it provides an analysis of the landscape of the Spanish conflict and dictatorship in translation that allows for an intergenerational and transcultural dialogue. It will appeal to students and scholars of translation, history, literature and cultural studies.
This Ghostly Poetry
Language: en
Pages: 392
Authors: Daniel Aguirre-Oteiza
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-03-20 - Publisher: University of Toronto Press
This Ghostly Poetry explores the fraught relationship between poetry and literary history in the context of the Spanish Civil War, its aftermath, and ongoing debates about historical memory in Spain.
The Dynamics of Masculinity in Contemporary Spanish Culture
Language: en
Authors: Lorraine Ryan, Ana Corbalán
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-11-03 - Publisher: Taylor & Francis
This collection of essays explores cultural phenomena that are shaping masculine identities in contemporary Spain, asking and striving to answer these compelling questions: what does it mean to be a man in present-day Spain? How has masculinity evolved since Franco's dictatorship? What are the dynamics of masculinity in contemporary Spanish culture? How has hegemonic masculinity been contested in cultural productions? This volume is comprised of sixteen essays that address these very questions by examining literary, cultural and film representations of the configurations of masculinities in contemporary Spain. Divided into three thematic units, starting with the undermining of the monolithic Francoist archetype of masculinity, continuing with the reformulation of hegemonic masculinity and finishing with regional emergent masculinities, all of the volumes essays focus on the redefinition of Spanish masculinities. Principal themes of the volume include alternative families, queer masculinities, performative masculinities, memory and resistance to hegemonic discourses of manliness, violence and emotions, public versus private masculinities, regional masculinities, and marginal masculinities. This exploration not only produces new insights into masculinity, but also yields nuanced insights into the recuperation of memory in contemporary Spain, the reconfiguration of the family, the status of women in Spanish society, and regional identities.
Rainy Days / Dias de Lluvia
Language: en
Pages: 431
Authors: Montserrat Lunati
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-04-10 - Publisher: Oxford University Press
Writers, publishers, readers and scholars have stopped apologising for the short story: the genre is no longer a bad investment, a trial-exercise for a novel or a minor entertainment, as demonstrated by exceptional writers with an almost exclusive dedication to it, such as Jorge Luis Borges, Alice Munro, Quim Monzó or Cristina Fernández Cubas. With deep roots in classic and medieval literatures, and great achievements in the nineteenth- and twentieth-centuries, the genre of the short story, which benefits from the linguistic tightness of poetry and the narrative comforts of the novel, has finally been recognised as having a (hybrid) identity of its own. This volume re-edits and expands a previous bilingual collection published in 1997. The first edition included stories by twelve writers: Pilar Cibreiro, Cristina Fernández Cubas, Paloma Díaz-Mas, Adelaida García Morales, Lourdes Ortiz, Laura Freixas, Marina Mayoral, Mercedes Abad, Rosa Montero, Maruja Torres, Soledad Puértolas and María Eugenia Salaverri. The present edition adds another four: Nuria Amat, Juana Salabert, Luisa Castro and Berta Marsé. The stories gathered in this second edition were written between 1980 and 2010, and testify to the richness and vitality of women's writing in contemporary Spain. With the original texts in Spanish as well
Memory and Trauma in the Postwar Spanish Novel
Language: en
Pages: 182
Authors: Sarah Leggott, Ross Woods
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-12-11 - Publisher: Bucknell University Press
This book proposes a new direction for the study of Spanish literature of the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s, arguing that novels of this period merit a fresh critical approach that enriches existing perspectives on the Spanish novel during the first two decades of the Franco dictatorship. Essays take an interdisciplinary approach to reveal how contemporary cultural theory relating to memory and trauma can enhance our understanding of the postwar Spanish novel.
Mother and Myth in Spanish Novels
Language: en
Pages: 221
Authors: Sandra J. Schumm
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011 - Publisher: Lexington Books
Remembering the forgotten mother is a major theme in Myth and Mother in Spanish Novels and reflects the current interest in the recuperation of historic memory in Spain. The novels in this study feature mature protagonists who recall their mothers as a way to define their own identities and to nullify the fictional matricide prevalent in post-war Spanish novels; this twenty-first-century fiction highlights the haunting presence of the mother and begs comparison with myth.
Women and National Socialism in Postwar German Literature
Language: en
Pages: 248
Authors: Katherine Stone
Categories: German literature
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017 - Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
Investigates why women's complicity in National Socialism has struggled to capture the collective imagination, examining how a variety of female authors have conceptualized women's role in the Third Reich