Nineteenth Century Pets And The Politics Of Touch PDF Books

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Nineteenth Century Pets And The Politics Of Touch

Nineteenth Century Pets And The Politics Of Touch
Author: Valerie L. Stevens
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Nineteenth-century Pets and the Politics of Touch
Language: en
Pages: 172
Authors: Valerie L. Stevens
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019 - Publisher:
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Political Animals offers a unique study and perspective on the relationship between politics and the art found in American zoos and aquariums. Jesse Donahue and Erik Trump examine the ways that zoos and aquariums have successfully served as sculptural gardens for the masses and have incorporated art and architecture that convey political messages about both the patrons and the animals. This book demonstrates how art has been used for a range of economic and political purposes including providing jobs, a medium to reach out to minority interest groups, a fundraising tool, and a surrogate for the animals themselves. Donahue and Trump skillfully analyze and compare zoos to other areas of public art to highlight the calculated strategies on the part of the zoos that have incorporated a range of artistic styles for different audiences. Incorporating photographs of zoo and aquarium art from around the country, Political Animals is an exciting and captivating text for the mind and eye.
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For more than twenty years Michael F. Holt has been considered one of the leading specialists in the political history of the United States. Political Parties and American Political Development from the Age of Jackson to the Age of Lincoln is a collection of some of his more important shorter studies on the politics of nineteenth-century America.The collection focuses on the mass political parties that emerged in the 1820s and their role in broader political developments from that decade to 1865. Holt includes essays on the Democratic, Antimasonic, Whig, and Know Nothing parties, as well as one on Abraham Lincoln's relationship with the congressional wing of the Republican party during the Civil War. Almost all essays touch on the broad question of the role of partisan politics in explaining the outbreak of the war. Individual essays address the following questions as well: What explains the birth and death of powerful third parties? What was the relationship among economic conditions, party performance in office (especially legislative performance), and the mobilization of an unprecedented number of voters between 1836 and 1840? Why did the Whigs find it necessary to nominate military hero Zachary Taylor as their presidential candidate in 1848? What explains
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In The Biopolitics of Feeling Kyla Schuller unearths the forgotten, multiethnic sciences of impressibility—the capacity to be transformed by one's environment and experiences—to uncover how biopower developed in the United States. Schuller challenges prevalent interpretations of biopower and literary cultures to reveal how biopower emerged within the discourses and practices of sentimentalism. Through analyses of evolutionary theories, gynecological sciences, abolitionist poetry and other literary texts, feminist tracts, child welfare reforms, and black uplift movements, Schuller excavates a vast apparatus that regulated the capacity of sensory and emotional feeling in an attempt to shape the evolution of the national population. Her historical and theoretical work exposes the overlooked role of sex difference in population management and the optimization of life, illuminating how models of binary sex function as one of the key mechanisms of racializing power. Schuller thereby overturns long-accepted frameworks of the nature of race and sex difference, offers key corrective insights to modern debates surrounding the equation of racism with determinism and the liberatory potential of ideas about the plasticity of the body, and reframes contemporary notions of sentiment, affect, sexuality, evolution, and heredity.
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Examines how liberal thought influenced representations of animals within nineteenth-century animal welfare discourse and the Victorian novel.
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From the softest caress to the harshest blow, touch lies at the heart of our experience of the world. Now, for the first time, this deepest of senses is the subject of an extensive historical exploration. The Deepest Sense: A Cultural History of Touch fleshes out our understanding of the past with explorations of lived experiences of embodiment from the middle ages to modernity. This intimate and sensuous approach to history makes it possible to foreground the tactile foundations of Western culture--the ways in which feelings shaped society. Constance Classen explores a variety of tactile realms including the feel of the medieval city; the tactile appeal of relics; the social histories of pain, pleasure, and affection; the bonds of touch between humans and animals; the strenuous excitement of sports such as wrestling and jousting; and the sensuous attractions of consumer culture. She delves into a range of vital issues, from the uses--and prohibitions--of touch in social interaction to the disciplining of the body by the modern state, from the changing feel of the urban landscape to the technologization of touch in modernity. Through poignant descriptions of the healing power of a medieval king's hand or the grueling conditions of a
The Secularization of the European Mind in the Nineteenth Century
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Authors: Owen Chadwick
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Type: BOOK - Published: 1990-09-13 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Owen Chadwick's acclaimed lectures on the secularisation of the European mind trace the declining hold of the Church and its doctrines on European society in the nineteenth century.
The Science of Starving in Victorian Literature, Medicine, and Political Economy
Language: en
Pages: 224
Authors: Andrew Mangham
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-04-24 - Publisher: Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP New Book Announcement Date 15/10/2019 Serial no. Title The Science of Starving Edition New product Subtitle Medicine, Political Economy, and the Victorian Novel Status Draft Technical Main edition ISBN 0198850034 ISBN 9780198850038 Pub. date 16/04/2020 Binding Hardback No.of vols/vol no. Price £50.00 Imprint OUP Terms AJ Bibliography No Royalty Yes Format 234x153 mm Joint IP Extent 224 pp Text colours 1 Illustrations Series/no. () Digital Formats Also available as an ebook for Retail & Institutions (Single User access) Also available online for Institutions only as part of Oxford Scholarship Online Author(s)/editor(s) Title Forename Surname Role Nationality Prof Andrew Mangham Author Affiliation Professor of Victorian Literature and Medical Humanities, University of Reading Responsible editor Jacqueline Norton Publishing History Assistant Commissioning editor Aimee Wright Agent Production editor Alannah Santra Rights Co-publisher Territorial World Original publisher Translation Available Date orig.edn pub/op Book club Available Translation? No Other sub.rights Available Orig.lang & title Classifications Main Literature Secondary Victorian literature and science Catalogue Section QB Other The Science of Starving in Victorian Literature, Medicine, and Political Economy is a reassessment of the languages and methodologies used, throughout the nineteenth century, for discussing extreme hunger in Britain.