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Oculoplastic Surgery Atlas

Oculoplastic Surgery Atlas
Author: Frank A. Nesi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3662222515
Size: 40.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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he desire to teach and the fulfillment attained from teaching T have again prompted us to produce a work that we hope will be both useful and enlightening to our readers. The field of oculoplastic surgery has grown and evolved to include all aspects of eyelid and facial plastic surgery. Our literature must now reflect the advancements and direction of our field. Knowledge of anatomy, the basis of all surgery and the root of surgical princi pIes and techniques, is the basis of our ability to deli ver the highest quality care to our patients. We have therefore combined text and diagrams, and supplemented them with CD-ROM digital video technology to provide to those who wish to perform this surgery the best possible instruction and prepa ration. We hope that our attempts to accomplish this will be rewarded by the use of our material by our colleagues and the acknowledgment of our unique and logical progression in the field of eyelid and facial plastic surgery. Future volumes in this series will cover other aspects of eyelid, lacrimal, facial, and orbital surgery.
Oculoplastic Surgery Atlas
Language: en
Pages: 81
Authors: Geoffrey J. Gladstone, Frank A. Nesi, Evan H. Black
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-12-22 - Publisher: Springer
When the first edition of this atlas was published in 2002, it was well received throughout the oculoplastic and ophthalmology community for its simplicity and clinical focus. Now, a decade later, surgical techniques have been updated to reflect current practice models and advances in technology. The field of oculoplastic surgery has grown and evolved to include all aspects of eyelid and facial plastic surgery and the literature must now reflect the advancements of this field. Oculoplastic Surgery Atlas: Eyelid and Lacrimal Disorders, 2nd edition combines text and diagrams, plus surgical videos that enable readers to perform this surgery with the best possible instruction and preparation. Written for ophthalmology specialists and residents, this new edition presents many aspects of facial cosmetic surgery, including lacrimal anatomy, nasolacrimal duct disorders, canaliculitis, and canalicular involving eyelid laceration. Reviews of the previous edition: " It is the work of the well-known Detroit oculoplastic group ... . When one reads through this book ... there really is nothing else that is needed in terms of teaching of oculoplastic surgery. ... This is a book which I would strongly recommend to those engaged in this specialty ... . I highly recommend it to all trainees and to
Oculoplastic Surgery Atlas
Language: en
Pages: 112
Authors: Geoffrey Gladstone, Evan H. Black, S. Myint, B.G. Brazzo, Frank A. Nesi
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001-11-16 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
The distinguished authors have perfected the most frequently performed oculoplastic surgical techniques. The Atlas is designed to instruct all ophthalmologists who wish to learn these techniques. Mastery of these procedures is made easy by numerous superbly illustrated step-by-step instructions. The study of the supporting anatomy, followed by clear-cut guidelines with heavily illustrated techniques, offers a format that allows the learner to gain the necessary understanding for achieving a more favourable result.
Color Atlas of Oculoplastic Surgery
Language: en
Pages: 496
Authors: David T. Tse
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-03-07 - Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Color Atlas of Oculoplastic Surgery provides surgeons familiar with surgical anatomy with a broad survey of contemporary oculoplastic surgery. It illustrates and provides basic information on surgical techniques that are straightforward and reliable in managing many common oculoplastic conditions that a clinician may encounter in practice. The material is presented with precision and clarity, there is special emphasis on understanding the pathophysiologic mechanism of diseases. This integrated text, accompanied by color photographs and complementary line drawings, guides the surgeon through each procedure in a systematic fashion. Pertinent anatomy, surgical indications, important technical considerations, and complications receive appropriate emphasis in each chapter.
Colour Atlas of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery E-Book
Language: en
Pages: 528
Authors: Anthony G. Tyers, J. R. O. Collin
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-09-13 - Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Known for its superb, step-by-step photo sequences, Colour Atlas of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, 4th Edition, by Drs. A. G. Tyers and J. R. O. Collin, remains your first choice for gaining essential knowledge in oculoplastic surgery. Ideal for both novices and experienced surgeons, this award-winning title offers comprehensive coverage of ophthalmic plastic surgery including eyelids, brows, and mid-face – all highlighted by unsurpassed photographic sequences and explanatory text that depict key stages of each procedure. New photos and new operative series, as well as major updates throughout the book, make this an invaluable resource for your practice. Includes updated coverage of ptosis surgery, lid and periocular reconstruction, and blepharoplasty and forehead rejuvenation.
Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery
Language: en
Pages: 122
Authors: Thomas C. Spoor
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-12-04 - Publisher: CRC Press
Since its inception two generations ago, oculoplastic surgery has constantly evolved. What was once dogma may now be passé. Procedures that were once passé may be resurrected and utilized again. Providing simplified solutions to complex problems, Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery is a practical, problem-orientated guide to the management of common oculoplastic and orbital disorders. Based on Dr. Spoor’s thirty years of practice, the book emphasizes the more common oculoplastic conditions likely to present to a busy ophthalmologist. The text covers upper and lower eyelid surgery and repair, orbital surgery, and the prevention and treatment of potential complications. The procedures are described with surgical photos and illustrations in a casual, didactic fashion, as a senior doctor would use instructing a resident or fellow. The book is essential reading for ophthalmologists, oculoplastic surgeons, neuro-ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons.
Colour Atlas of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Language: en
Pages: 360
Authors: A. G. Tyers, J. R. O. Collin
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001 - Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Medical
Colour Atlas of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Extensively illustrated with full-colour illustrations of the highest quality, this practical atlas covers a wide range of oculoplastic procedures and offers a step-by-step guide to help the reader recognize the anatomy and to choose and perform the most appropriate technique. * High-quality illustrations * Competitive coverage * Two leading international authors CONTENTS: Anatomy; Basic techniques in ophthalmic plastic surgery; Preoperative evaluation; Anaesthesia; Instruments; Entropion; Ectropion; Eyelash abnormalities; Ptosis; Blepharoplasty; Eyelid retraction; Evisceration, enucleation, exenteration; The anophthalmic socket; Eyelid reconstruction: Introduction, anterior lamella, posterior lamella, anterior and posterior lamella combined; Miscellaneous conditions; Index * Written by two leading experts who share their experience of established and effective surgical techniques * Quality full colour clinical photographs illustrate each procedure step-by-step * The text is concise and practical, with a clear layout, making this an ideal text for use in the theatre
Video Atlas of Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery E-Book
Language: en
Pages: 432
Authors: Bobby S Korn, Don O Kikkawa
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-03-29 - Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Ideal for oculofacial, facial/cosmetic plastic, and dermatologic surgeons, the updated Video Atlas of Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery brings together high-definition quality video and accompanying color atlas to help you master the latest reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures of the eyelid, lacrimal system, orbit, and face. Superb illustrations combined with expanded coverage of over 70 techniques deliver a complete multimedia resource to help perfect your surgical skills. Includes high-resolution screen grabs throughout the text to pinpoint key stages of the procedures. Includes 40 new and revised chapters covering the hottest procedures: aesthetic and revisional eyelid surgery; complex periocular reconstructions; Asian eyelid surgery; periocular fat transfer; and minimally invasive brow- and face-lift surgery. Comprehensively covers the essential procedures in the field, such as upper and lower blepharoplasty, ptosis repair, endoscopic brow lifting, botulinum toxin, oculofacial reconstruction, eyelid malposition repairs, endoscopic lacrimal surgery, and advanced orbital surgery techniques. Over 1,600 illustrations in the atlas include intra-operative photos, as well as new "before and after" patient images. A consistent chapter format with indications, preoperative evaluations, surgical techniques, complications and consumables used during surgery allows you to grasp the key points of every procedure.
Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery
Language: en
Pages: 336
Authors: Jonathan Dutton
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-05-30 - Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Unlike other books of its kind, the new Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery offers detailed, step-by-step instructions from initial skin marking and cut to final closure for more than 90 commonly performed oculoplastic, lacrimal, and orbital surgeries. Each step also includes a matching illustration inverted to accommodate the surgeon’s actual position during the surgery. In addition to clear instruction, the text for each surgery covers preoperative evaluation discussions, postoperative care instructions, and how to avoid and manage potential complications.
Color Atlas of Ophthalmic Surgery
Language: en
Pages: 498
Authors: David T. Tse, Kenneth Weston Wright
Categories: Ophthalmic plastic surgery
Type: BOOK - Published: 1992 - Publisher:
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Pathologie des Auges
Language: de
Pages: 994
Authors: G.O.H. Naumann
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-03-08 - Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Entscheidendes Anliegen dieses Standardwerkes ist die klinisch-pathologische Korrelation: Bereits klinisch sichtbare, strukturelle Veränderungen am Auge werden den entsprechenden mikroskopischen Schnitten in über 1000 Abbildungen und schematischen Skizzen gegenübergestellt. Außerdem wird die Differentialdiagnose definierter Befunde in 188 Tabellen erläutert. Nach einleitenden Kapiteln über die Anatomie und einer Übersicht des Untersuchungsmaterials in einem ophthalmologischen Labor folgen Kapitel über Mißbildungen, intraokulare Entzündungen, Folgen von Trauma und chirurgischen Eingriffen sowie Glaukome. Anschließend werden die einzelnen Gewebeabschnitte systematisch abgehandelt: Konjunktiva, Kornea, Uvea, Linse, Glaskörper, Retina, Optikus und kursorisch die okulären Adnexe. Die Voraussetzungen für die Leitstrukturen und Elemente des ophthalmoskopischen Bildes werden getrennt erörtert. Abschließend folgt eine Übersicht der morphologischen Augenveränderungen bei Allgemeinerkrankungen und als Therapie-Folge. 4500 Literaturstellen erleichtern den Einstieg in vorhandenes Schrifttum.