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Making Links 15 Visions Of Community

Visions Of Community
Publisher: Community Links
ISBN: 0955288940
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Visions of Community in the Post-Roman World
Language: en
Pages: 588
Authors: Walter Pohl, Clemens Gantner, Richard Payne
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-03-03 - Publisher: Routledge
This volume looks at 'visions of community' in a comparative perspective, from Late Antiquity to the dawning of the age of crusades. It addresses the question of why and how distinctive new political cultures developed after the disintegration of the Roman World, and to what degree their differences had already emerged in the first post-Roman centuries. The Latin West, Orthodox Byzantium and its Slavic periphery, and the Islamic world each retained different parts of the Graeco-Roman heritage, while introducing new elements. For instance, ethnicity became a legitimizing element of rulership in the West, remained a structural element of the imperial periphery in Byzantium, and contributed to the inner dynamic of Islamic states without becoming a resource of political integration. Similarly, the political role of religion also differed between the emerging post-Roman worlds. It is surprising that little systematic research has been done in these fields so far. The 32 contributions to the volume explore this new line of research and look at different aspects of the process, with leading western Medievalists, Byzantinists and Islamicists covering a wide range of pertinent topics. At a closer look, some of the apparent differences between the West and the Islamic world seem less distinctive,
Making Links: 15 Visions of community
Language: en
Pages: 108
Authors: Walter Pohl, Clemens Gantner, Richard Payne
Categories: Communities
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007 - Publisher: Community Links
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Dallas Visions for Community
Language: en
Pages: 72
Authors: James Pratt
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 1992 - Publisher: Dallas Inst Humanities & Culture
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Visions of Community
Language: en
Pages: 616
Authors: Rachel L. Stocking
Categories: Church and state
Type: BOOK - Published: 1993 - Publisher:
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Visions of Community in Nazi Germany
Language: en
Pages: 367
Authors: Martina Steber, Bernhard Gotto
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-07-16 - Publisher: Oxford University Press
When the Nazis seized power in Germany in 1933 they promised to create a new, harmonious society under the leadership of the Fuumlhrer, Adolf Hitler. The concept of Volksgemeinschaft - 'the people's community' - enshrined the Nazis' vision of society'; a society based on racist, social-Darwinist, anti-democratic, and nationalist thought. The regime used Volksgemeinschaft to define who belonged to the National Socialist 'community' and who did not. Being accorded the status of belonging granted citizenship rights, access to the benefits of the welfare state, and opportunities for advancement, while these who were denied the privilege of belonging lost their right to live. They were shamed, excluded, imprisoned, murdered. Volksgemeinschaft was the Nazis' project of social engineering, realized by state action, by administrative procedure, by party practice, by propaganda, and by individual initiative. Everyone deemed worthy of belonging was called to participate in its realization. Indeed, this collective notion was directed at the individual, and unleashed an enormous dynamism, which gave social change a particular direction. The Volksgemeinschaft concept was not strictly defined, which meant that it was rather marked by a plurality of meaning and emphasis which resulted in a range of readings in the Third Reich, drawing in people
Visions of World Community
Language: en
Authors: Jens Bartelson
Categories: Political Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-10-01 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Throughout the history of Western political thought, the creation of a world community has been seen as a way of overcoming discord between political communities without imposing sovereign authority from above. Jens Bartelson argues that a paradox lies at the centre of discussions of world community. The very same division of mankind into distinct peoples living in different places which makes the idea of a world community morally compelling has also been the main obstacle to its successful realization. His book offers a philosophical and historical analysis of the idea of world community by exploring the relationship between theories of world community and changing cosmological beliefs from the late Middle Ages to the present.
Visions of Community in the Pre-modern World
Language: en
Pages: 184
Authors: Nicholas Howe
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2002 - Publisher:
Visions of Community in the Pre-Modern World contains original essays by five leading scholars in the fields of history, art history, and literature on the ways in which communities were imagined and built between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries. These essays, which function as case studies, range geographically from Europe to Africa, the Near East to regions of Latin America. While acknowledging major factors that affect community - such as religious belief, imperial expansion, and warfare - these studies focus on precise examples and moments in the pre-modern world. Giles Constable discusses the ways in which monastic vows of service to God served as the basis for communities of monks in Europe in the Middle Ages. Anthony Cutler explores the means by which Byzantine and Islamic communities were created and maintained through the use of visual and textual signs. Annabel Patterson draws on visual images and representations to explore how endangered Catholic communities struggled to survive in Reformation England. Richard Kagan offers a survey of city images and plans in the Hispanic world of Europe and the Americas. Pamela Sheingorn focuses on the attempts of fifteenth-century
New Visions of Community in Contemporary American Fiction
Language: en
Pages: 256
Authors: Magali Cornier Michael
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008-04-01 - Publisher: University of Iowa Press
In this engaging, optimistic close reading of five late twentieth-century novels by American women, Magali Cornier Michael illuminates the ways in which their authors engage with ideas of communal activism, common commitment, and social transformation. The fictions she examines imagine coalition building as a means of moving toward new forms of nonhierarchical justice; for ethnic cultures that, as a result of racist attitudes, have not been assimilated, power with each other rather than power over each other is a collective goal.Michael argues that much contemporary American fiction by women offers models of care and nurturing that move away from the private sphere toward the public and political. Specifically, texts by women from such racially marked ethnic groups as African American, Asian American, Native American, and Mexican American draw from the rich systems of thought, histories, and experiences of these hybrid cultures and thus offer feminist and ethical revisions of traditional concepts of community, coalition, subjectivity, and agency.Focusing on Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club, Barbara Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees and Pigs in Heaven, Ana Castillo’s So Far from God, and Toni Morrison’s Paradise, Michael shows that each writer emphasizes the positive, liberating effects of kinship and community. These hybrid versions
Revealing Tensions Between Curriculum and Teachers' Visions of Communities of Science Practice
Language: en
Pages: 364
Authors: David J. Grueber
Categories: Communities of practice
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008 - Publisher:
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Gay and Lesbian Rights Organizing
Language: en
Pages: 235
Authors: Yolanda C. Padilla
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2004 - Publisher: Routledge
Contributors in psychology and social work describe their experiences in building coalitions, working with youth, and exploring strategies for protecting gay and lesbian rights.